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Sunken Secrets -

Sunken Secrets

Castlevania Opening Titles -

Castlevania Opening Titles

The Dog That Laid Eggs: Every Monster Comes From -

The Dog That Laid Eggs: Every Monster Comes From Somewhere

Something Strange is Happening in Bufkin CountyHitch saw his dog Salem’s golden frame collapsed and quivering on the ground, and he knew something was wrong. She’d been fine the day before, swimming in the creek just as careless as a dog swimming in a creek should be, but Salem was now moaning, fussing and generally acting as if a cat had just been elected governor. Hitch knelt down in front of his dog and felt her fur, which was a little mangy. He also noticed how swollen Salem’s belly was. The ol' girl's giving birth! He thought. And her unborn offspring's roughly the size and shape of a gigantic egg!What Will Happen When it Hatches?If you think this is the end of the tale, then you don’t know Bufkin County. Come along with young Hitch, Constable Buford Bumford and Jethro as they discover that their dog Salem is going to launch something that will turn their lives upside down, and change the world in ways that no one could ever imagine.
C6229HWG-US Halloween Group Therapy: Hysterical Halloween Card Featuring Monsters on Halloween Opening Up, with -

C6229HWG-US Halloween Group Therapy: Hysterical Halloween Card Featuring Monsters on Halloween Opening Up, with Envelope.

Halloween Group Therapy Featuring Monsters on Halloween Opening Up was originally published in an assorted stationery note set as part of NobleWorks' non-humor brand, The Best Card Company. Halloween Group Therapy is part of a larger collection that spans a broad range of motifs, from traditional themes to contemporary graphics to vintage art' definitely something for everyone! This card is printed on-demand in the USA on thick, bright, premium recycled paper. Many of the designs are available in both greeted and blank versions. NobleWorks is a relatively small, US-based, family-owned company that has been publishing stationery products since 1980. Originally based in New York, NobleWorks now operates in New Jersey. We love what we do, and we publish our own original content in most cases combined with licensed contributions from a wonderfully creative community of artists, writers, illustrators and cartoonists; some have been collaborating with us for more than 30 years. Known for our funny cards and what has been described at times as snarky humor, most our revenue comes from our design-based note cards and stationery products. We proudly print all of our products in North America, USA and Canada (of all places)! Every card is printed-to-order and on demand, which eliminates wa...
Get Out -

Get Out

WWE Money In The Bank Collectors -

WWE Money In The Bank Collectors Case

Take the WWE action and "cash" with you wherever you go! This awesome Money in the Bank Carrying Case is just like the one seen in WWE matches! If a WWE Superstar wins the Money in The Bank match, that WWE Superstar owns the Money in The Bank briefcase which allows him to "cash in" at any time for a title shot.  Now, WWE fans can have their own version of the Money in The Bank with this carrying case featuring a black handle and large Money in the Bank graphic on front. The case has several dividers and can store up to eight WWE 6-inch action figures and accessories like Championship Titles and more. Figures sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary
Godzilla Opening Titles (From -

Godzilla Opening Titles (From "Godzilla")

HALLOWEEN Swooper Feather -

HALLOWEEN Swooper Feather Flag

This magnificent flag is nearly 2 1/2 feet wide x 12 feet tall. Coupled with the optional heavy-duty aluminum 3 piece pole it's OVER 15 feet high! Constructed from super polyester knit material and color fast. Heavy enough to last, but light enough to fly in the lightest breeze. With a Swooper Flag such as this one, you will attract more customers. Pole and mount sold separately.
Hammer Film Collection - Volume Two - 6 -

Hammer Film Collection - Volume Two - 6 Films

Don't Make a Sound... or Turn Around! For more than four decades, Hammer Films unique blend of horror, science fiction, thrills and comedy dominated countless drive-ins and movie theaters. Enjoy this impeccable collection from the darkest corners of the Hammer Imagination! The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958) Starring: Peter Cushing, Eunice Gayson, Francis Matthews, Michael Gwynn Peter Cushing reprises his famous role as Baron Victor Frankenstein in this horror classic. Rescued from the guillotine by his devoted dwarf Fritz, the Baron relocates and becomes Dr. Stein. Under the guise of charity work, he continues his gruesome experiments, this time transplanting Fritz's brain into his latest creation: a normal, healthy body. The Snorkel (1958) Starring: Peter van Eyck, Betta St. John, Mandy Miller, Grégoire Aslan Paul Decker arranges the perfect murder of his wife. Lightly drugging her into unconsciousness, he then seals the room and fills it with gas appearing to be a suicide while he hides beneath the floorboards using a diving snorkel to breath air from the outside. But he didn't plan for his suspicious stepdaughter in this kill or be killed thriller! Never Take Candy From a Stranger (1960) Starring: Gwen Watford, Patrick Allen, Felix Aylmer, Niall MacGinnis A serious and horrif...
Zombies!!! Official Board Game -

Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack

Killing Zombies Never Sounded So Good... The Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack features pulse pounding instrumental music and sounds from the zombie apocalypse designed to take your undead gaming experience, haunted attraction, or Halloween event to the next level! For 20 years, Halloween and tabletop game soundtrack pioneers, Midnight Syndicate, have been bringing nightmares to life through their signature blend of instrumental music and sound effects. With credits that include the Dungeons & Dragons Official Roleplaying Soundtrack and the Origins Award and ENnie award-winning Call of Cthulhu-inspired soundtrack, The 13th Hour, the band has now crafted the ultimate accompaniment to the Zombies!!! board game. As with most Midnight Syndicate albums, it's also perfect for use in haunted attractions and Halloween events. Close your eyes and let the music transport you to a world where the dead just won't stay dead! Includes some previously released material.

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