Power Prayers for Women (Inspirational Book Bargains)

Bestseller #1 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 1616269480
  • Brand: Barbour Publishing
  • Manufacturer: Value Books
  • Prayer is PowerfulPut the power in your prayers Prayer opens worlds of possibilities-but many people still struggle to pray. Power Prayers for Women will help readers pray, by offering solid biblical reasons to talk to God and specific prayer starters for 21 key areas of life. Topics such as:My EmotionsMy HomeMy HealthMy FinancesMy JobMy DreamsMy FearsMy HistoryMy Future. . .are addressed through ... [read more]

    Prayers of Hope for Caregivers: Seeking God's Strength When Someone You Love Needs You

    Bestseller #2 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 0736975772
  • Brand: Harvest House Publishers
  • Manufacturer: Harvest House Publishers
  • As You Give Care, God is Caring for YouCaring for someone with health needs can be emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining. Sarah Forgrave has spent considerable time, both as someone struggling with serious medical issues and as the family member of a chronically ill patient, and she understands the many challenges you face in your caregiving role.Sarah wants to share what she discovere... [read more]

    My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide To Prayer, Praise and Thanks: Modern Calligraphy and Lettering

    Bestseller #3 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 1545262241
  • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide to Prayer, Praise and ThanksThis beautiful prayer journal contains 3 months of pages to take notes and reflect on your relationship with Christ. Printed on high quality stock and sized at 8 x 10, it is perfect for both travel and fitting right on your bedside table. Whether it's for group Bible Study or personal worship, this prayer journal is the perfect tool to... [read more]

    Prayers With Purpose for Women

    Bestseller #4 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 1616268697
  • Brand: Barbour Publishing
  • Manufacturer: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
  • Looking for a fresh perspective on prayer? Want to revitalize your prayer life?Prayers with Purpose for Women will strengthen your connection with God through specific prayer starters for 21 key areas of life. Inside, you’ll find relevant prayers for your·              Marriage-              Family-              Emotions·              Home·  ... [read more]

    101 Inspirational Stories of the Power of Prayer

    Bestseller #5 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 0972844775
  • Manufacturer: Poor Clare Sisters
  • Hearing success stories keeps you motivated and expecting the best, whether you want to grow as a personraise happy kidsor get your finances in shape. Prayer is no different. To keep your praying life moving forwardyou need to hear that prayer is making things happen!

    Personal Prayers from Colossians 50-pack (Prayer Cards)

    Bestseller #6 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 1576839028
  • Brand: Tyndale House Publishers
  • Manufacturer: NavPress
  • Examples of how to express your personal needs in the words of Scripture. Follow Paul's example in prayer.Encourage the church to pray, help those who are new in faith develop their prayer life, and revitalize ministries with large prayer cards! Prayer card guides provide biblically based areas of prayer for specific needs or groups of people. Printed on both the front and back sides, they give nu... [read more]

    The 12 Step Prayer Book: More Twelve Step Prayers and Inspirational Readings Prayers 184-366 (2)

    Bestseller #7 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 1592854737
  • Brand: Hazelden Publishing
  • Manufacturer: Hazelden Publishing
  • Readers will find a prayer to inspire each new day in recovery with this second volume of the popular book of devotions.Whether you are new to recovery or are an old-timer in one of the Twelve Step Fellowships, the prayers and inspirational readings in this collection will comfort, encourage, and guide you in your spiritual journey. Building on the overwhelming success and reception of the first v... [read more]

    Pocket Prayers: 40 Simple Prayers that Bring Peace and Rest

    Bestseller #8 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 0718014049
  • Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.
  • Manufacturer: Thomas Nelson
  • When the chaos of our daily lives becomes overwhelming, where can we turn for peace and rest? Best-selling author Max Lucado points to the Source of all hope and strength in Pocket Prayers, which contains forty guided prayers and complementary scriptures for any situation. This pass-along companion to Before Amen serves as an outreach tool for ministries and churches, offering simple encouragem... [read more]

    The Lord's Prayer Bookmark (Pkg of 25)

    Bestseller #9 Inspirational Prayer

  • ISBN: 0687018080
  • Manufacturer: Abingdon Press
  • Shrinkwrapped in 25's.

    Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

    Bestseller #10 Inspirational Prayer

  • Manufacturer: Penguin Books
  • Renowned pastor and New York Times bestselling author of The Prodigal Prophet Timothy Keller explores the power of prayer. Christians are taught in their churches and schools that prayer is the most powerful way to experience God. But few receive instruction or guidance in how to make prayer genuinely meaningful. In Prayer, renowned pastor Timothy Keller delves into the many facets of this ever... [read more]

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles : 101 Inspirational Stories about Hope, Answered Prayers, and Divine Intervention

    Inspirational Prayer


    Miracles, answered prayers, cases of divine intervention--they happen every day--strengthening our faith, giving us hope, and proving that good things do happen to good people! Miracles are all around us--we just have to look to see

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels Among Us : 101 Inspirational Stories of Miracles, Faith, and Answered Prayers

    Inspirational Prayer


    Celestial, otherworldly, heavenly. Whatever the term, sometimes there is no earthly explanation for what people experience, and a higher power is clearly at work. Readers will be awed and inspired by these true personal stories about hope, healing, and help from

    Pocket Prayers for Teachers : 40 Simple Prayers That Bring Peace and Renewal

    Inspirational Prayer


    From coloring inside the lines to calculus, teachers give us the tools to thrive. Where would we be without them? But a teacher's job is often a difficult one. For those in need of peace and renewal, Max Lucado points to the Teacher who offered just that. This book contains forty scriptures and guided prayers especially for

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