Bandai Hobby HG Gipsy Avenger Pacific Rim: Uprising

Bestseller #1 Robot Model Kits

  • UPC: 801310113455
  • Brand: Bandai Hobby
  • Manufacturer: Bluefin Distribution Toys
  • From the highly anticipated "Pacific rim uprising", comes the film's most iconic Jaegers in the plastic model kit form! Available for the first time to the HG product line-up, The Gipsy Avenger contains intricate detailing that has been faithfully recreated to resemble like that in the movie! These 6" (150mm) figures can achieve a wide range of motion and articulation that allows for dynamic poses... [read more]

    DISCOVERY KIDS Mindblown STEM 12-in-1 Solar Robot Creation 190-Piece Kit with Working Solar Powered Motorized Engine and Gears, Construction Engineering Set

    Bestseller #2 Robot Model Kits

  • UPC: 843479113051
  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Discovery Kids
  • Manufacturer: MerchSource
  • Build 12 different motorized robots from scratch! Create, build, and learn with the Discovery Kids Solar Robot Creation Kit! The kit includes everything you need to build your very own real working robots, including a solar panel-powered motor! 12 included blueprints for 12 different robots feature detailed and immaculately illustrated step-by-step instructions for a healthy but satisfying challen... [read more]

    Think Gizmos Musical Robot Kit TG714 - Build Your Own Robot Science Kit with Musical Effects for Adults & Kids Aged 12+

    Bestseller #3 Robot Model Kits

  • Brand: Think Gizmos
  • Manufacturer: Think Gizmos
  • Fuel your imagination with one of the best building kits available. High Quality Musical Robot Kit made from laser cut wood designed to challenge and provide hours of fun. Featuring a massive 221 pieces and cool lights and sounds. Great gift for adults or kids aged 12+. Use the included batteries once built to enable the lights and turn the hand crank to enable the moving parts (the cogs on the to... [read more]

    Kotobukiya Frame Arms Gigantic 01: Powered Guardian Plastic Model Kit

    Bestseller #4 Robot Model Kits

  • UPC: 812771027700
  • Brand: Kotobukiya
  • Manufacturer: Diamond Comic Distributors
  • From Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya proudly presents a new branch of the Frame Arms customizable plastic model kit series with the Gigantic Arms. Not robot units but rather complete add-on kits for your existing models, the Gigantic Arms offer incredible new options for your displays of Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girls, and more. The Powered Guardian (10" tall) is a power suit upgrade kit offering your models... [read more]

    Bandai Hobby HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam Revive Model Kit, 1/144 Scale

    Bestseller #5 Robot Model Kits

  • UPC: 885951446653
  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: Bandai Hobby
  • Size: 8"
  • Manufacturer: Bluefin Distribution Toys
  • The original Gundam, revived 35 years later! This new version of the first Gundam maintains roughly the same number of parts as its 2001 predecessor, but features 1.5 times more movability allowing easy reproduction of iconic poses from the Gundam TV series.

    Bandai Hobby HGBF 1/144 Hi-Mock Model Kit

    Bestseller #6 Robot Model Kits

  • UPC: 793631159239
  • Brand: Bandai Hobby
  • Manufacturer: Bluefin Distribution Toys
  • The practice opponent used in mock battles in the "Gundam Build Fighters Try" animated series joins the High Grade line!  Its body is full of hard point openings to allow for a high degree of customization.  Also includes parts that will allow attachment of 1/100 scale hands.

    ROBOTIME 3D Puzzle Music Box Wooden Craft Kit Robot Machinarium Toy with Light

    Bestseller #7 Robot Model Kits

  • Color: Orpheus
  • Brand: ROBOTIME
  • Manufacturer: ROBOTIME
  • Robot Machinarium: Orpheus Hand-Cranked DIY Music Box. Wind it up to play "Cycle of Happiness". Great for DIYers and music lovers. Operated via hand crank. Total Pieces: 221. Materials: Wood, Laser-cut Plywood, Electric Parts. Dimensions: 150 * 92 * 185 mm (assembled) Batteries: 2 LR44 / 357 / 303 button cell batteries (for the LED) Assembly time: ~5 hr. for those new to DIY kits. ~2 hr. for those... [read more]

    Moebius Models 939 LIS Robot 1/6

    Bestseller #8 Robot Model Kits

  • UPC: 787799813935
  • Brand: Moebius Models
  • Manufacturer: MOEBIUS MODELS
  • MOEBIUS MODELS 939 LIS Robot 1/6

    Good Smile Company G93932 Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory: Moderoid RK-92 Savage Plastic Model Kit

    Bestseller #9 Robot Model Kits

  • Brand: Good Smile
  • Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
  • From Good Smile Company. Now equipped with large-scale Warhammer! A gray version of the savage mecha! From full metal panic! Comes a plastic model kit of the the savage mecha. This time in a gray version! The model is approximately 1/60th scale, standing approximately 5" When upright. The model makes use of PS plastic and all joints are articulated when built. In addition to the included 37mm assa... [read more]

    MECCANO-Erector - Micronoid Code Magna Programmable Robot Building Kit

    Bestseller #10 Robot Model Kits

  • UPC: 778988526705
  • Brand: MECCANO
  • Manufacturer: Spin Master
  • Create your own robot friend with the Micronoid Magna! This robotic set from Meccano, formerly Erector, is designed for novices aged 8+, who are interested in building and programing! Have fun building, then change gears and put your computer skills to use! Sync Magna to your computer and program how it moves and what it says. You can even switch Magna into different modes like DJ, fighting and 8-... [read more]

    Lost Is Space B9 Robot 1/6 Scale Plastic Model Kit Moebius Models

    Robot Model Kits


    MOE949 Lost Is Space B9 Robot 1/6 Scale Plastic Model Kit Moebius ModelsThe most accurate model kit of the B9 Robot from the classic SF TV series, this all-new kit features the definitive in a large scale filled with an abundance of detail. Sci-fi Model B-9, Class M-3 robot as seen in the Irwin Allen Lost in Space television series. Features soil sampler with opening door, power pack and optional retracted arms, photo-etch side vent screens, decals and painting guide. Kit is over 13 inches tall fully assembled. Now includes seamless glass dome.Lost Is Space B9 Robot 1/6 Scale Plastic

    Lost In Space - Mini B9 Robot Model Kit

    Robot Model Kits


    Lost In Space - Mini B9 Robot Model Kit

    Bo Toys Wind-powered Walking Walker Model Robot Kit Animaris Ordis Parvus Strandbeest

    Robot Model Kits

  • Model: HS-002B
  • Color: multy
  • Build-it-yourself model kit of Wind Powered Walking Robot. The Mini Strandbeest moves just by the wind and its own engineering genius. No electricity or batteries help power this beautiful creature and allows you to spend time exploring the design while you build it. Its an amazing creatures infused with the power of nature. It will be a best gift for children and family. Material: Plastic. Age: 7 and above. Height (back of the beast): 11cm (4.3 inch). Height (top of propeller): 17cm (6.7 inch). Width: 13cm (5.1 inch). Length: 20cm (7.9 inch). Packaging size: 28 x 20 x 4.3 cm.

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